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Please enjoy your special music video bonus #1 and #2 on this page.

Soul to Soul music
and Spirituals

Music is the universal language.  The communication network of the soul transmits vibrations and sensations to reconnect.  Look, listen, learn, discern.

Special bonus music video #1 75 Sense: Old Seer Lady

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Selected Song lyrics


Grandma had the sight to see

Mama birthed I prophetically

Yeah, when I was small

Told I to tell all ya’ll

Humpty Dumpty ‘bout to fall…

Special bonus music video #2 Soul Seer Narrative Documentary

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Music Video Concert Series

There are seven more dynamic music presentations in the concert series that showcase the powerfully penetrating songs from What the Seer Saw.  Also included: a bonus presentation from the next Seer collection. Coming soon.

More Soul Seer music videos

In this third cycle of nine, we are providing prophetic soul to soul music for brain, body and spiritual healing. Optimize your greatest resource -- life energy.  

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